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Resident Evil 6: Chris Campaign

Hey guys, Kiboo here. I'm back with an overdue post for Chris Redfield's campaign. Let's skip any random openers and just get right into it.

Story & General Feel

Chris' BSAA ID

Chris Redfield returns immediately after doing time in Resident Evil 5, fresh from killing Wesker. We find that he is still a member of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, albeit having a short amnesia spell. He is brought back into action by one Piers Nivans, which I'm assuming is some sort of a Lieutenant to Chris' Captain. The entire campaign revolves around the BSAA's primary objective, which is to fight bioterrorism. This somehow translates to shooting down Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.'s), because EVERYTHING can be shot down. During this war on terrorism which brings the boys to China, a little trouble stirs in Chris as he struggles with losses in his subordinates, and as well as his thoughts  of retiring. I found this campaign considerably more enjoyable and somewhat affected me more as a player. Perhaps it's also due to the fact that I fought through this campaign on a hard setting. Out of the four campaigns available in Resident Evil 6, this was the one I enjoyed the most. But don't worry, I'll still make posts for the last 2 campaigns. So just wait for that.

That's right, because fighting off monsters in packs is scaaary.

Now about the campaign's overall game feel. The BSAA is reminiscent of the STARS unit in the first Resident Evil games. In simpler words, the BSAA is a SWAT team, so does this affect the gameplay? Infinitely so. I'm a considerably seasoned Modern Warfare player, and the Chris Redfield experience is similar to the many campaigns of Modern Warfare. What does this mean? This means that it feels like your playing through a military game but with C-virus infected humans called J'avo (pronounced Joo-wa-voh), which I have yet to do substantial research on. I touched on in the Leon post how the fear is underwhelmed with having a partner, well in this campaign, the fear is downplayed even more so in the first two chapters because you're travelling in groups of 6. Not that I'm complaining. I think I've developed a weakness for military characters. I'll miss you Soap. *tear* Anyways, moving on! The campaign strips you of any shred of opportunity to discover something for yourself because there's always someone radio-ing in on you to instruct you what to do, hence the Modern Warfare comparison. Play this campaign for just a few minutes and you'll know what I'm talking about immediately. Moving on!


Okay so I made it a point in my Leon post the amount of disdain I had for Leon's HUD, which was transparent, crude, and confusing. Which is also pictured below for reference.

Leon's Horrible HUD

The first thing I noticed in this campaign aside from the subtle bromance between Chris and Piers, which we'll get to in a while, was that Chris' HUD was different. I LOVED IT. It was just very difficult to see stuff on Leon's HUD because of it's color scheme. But Chris' HUD (pictured below) pops out, and is the most visually appealing HUD out of the 4 shown in the game. It was late in the 3rd campaign that I realized that the HUD was corresponding to whatever manner of communication device the main character had. Leon and Helena had a futuristic transparent tablet/smartphone which explains the horrible transparent HUD. Chris' and Piers' not only had the distinct advantage of giving me the best HUD I had in the entire game, but their communication device, which name I do not know, is amazing. It looks like a rod, roughly 6 inches in length, and shows information in two ways. It can be used to open a circular user interface that hovers just above the rod's handle. It can also be used to project images on a surface, PORTABLE MOVIES, THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. You can watch your sitcoms on a wall in Edonia. :D

Chris' Not Horrible HUD

Case in point. Leon HUD, bad. Chris HUD, osom. The other HUDs? We'll get there when we get there. Moving on!

The AI

Okay, this campaign was the first time I had to play with an AI in an RE game. I've only played RE5 on co-op with my cousin. So, what can I say about the AI? I found myself cursing my partner a lot. As of now, this campaign is the only one I ran through on Professional difficulty, which basically means that if I get shot more than 3 consecutive times, I die, and the scarcity of bullets and herbs are heartbreaking. This means that I get killed a lot if I'm left alone. Now okay let's go. First let's meet Chris Redfield's new partner, one Piers Nivans.

Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans

Okay first up, HE LOOKS LIKE ************ JUSTIN BIEBER. The hell is up with that?  Apparently Capcom felt it necessary to make the new character look like one of them boyband boys. ugh. Not that I was judging his appearance, but it added to the stress I had whenever he didn't help me. In solo play, an AI controls your partner, and despite being provided with controls to give commands to the AI, whenever you ask him to "Move In," he answers with one of the following, "No Can Do," "You're Asking Me Now?" or "Not Right Now." Thank God the Professional setting had friendly fire because I punched him a few times to relieve my anger. Sigh. I don't think it's really fair that I bag so hard on him because maybe Capcom intended it to be that the AI doesn't do the work for you as much as possible, but still. Ughh. I kept screaming "dammit Piers," over and over. All that rage turned into something else when I ended the campaign. You're just going to have to get yourself a copy of Resident Evil 6 and play through it to find out because I am not about to spoil it here. It's worth it.

Okay that's about all I can say about Chris Redfield right now. Anything unsaid here will appear in a future post which will serve as a recapitulation for the entire game. So that's it. Comment if you find anything I said offensive, or if you have your own opinions on this campaign. If you haven't played it yet. Rent/Borrow/Buy a copy of Resident Evil 6 and play it to hell. Okay that's it. Just wait up for the next post which will cover Jake Muller's campaign. Here's a heads up trivia to get you excited. He's Albert Wesker's son. So just hold on and wait for the next post.


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